When I started working with Artesa Chickpea Flour, I realized I could get a gluten-free bread that tasted great and had the other sensory characteristics I was looking for. Without adding stabilizers. You can’t do that with other pulse flours


It’s time to change the way you think about pulse flours


Interest in pulse flours has grown recently as a healthy approach to replacing wheat (and other) flours for the fast-growing gluten-free market. One of the major issues with pulse flours, however, is the strong flavor they convey in formulations. The manufacturing process for Artesa Chickpea Flour removes much of the oil from the finished product – producing a clean, neutral flavor. Combined with the fine particle size achieved from proprietary milling, Artesa Chickpea Flour delivers taste, texture and mouthfeel comparable to wheat flours.

A sensory profile that mimics wheat flour

Artesa® Chickpea Flour Advantages

Excellent organoleptic profile

Good protein content (>12%)

Fine, flour-like particle size

“White” color

Good oil & water binding

Excellent functional formulating characteristics


Sustainable, low environmental impact

I’ve worked with Artesa Chickpea Flour in five different food systems. It consistently tastes great.

M.O., Head of Culinology

Nutriati has revolutionized flour. Sure we get tasty gluten-free, but we also  get really great nutrition. I can feed this to my kids.

E. M., Registered Dietician



An incredibly nutritious multi-purpose flour

I like the way Nutriati works with farmers and processes their ingredients in the USA. They are engaged with the community.

R.C., Chief Food Technologist




Fall in love with flour all over again


Applications testing with Artesa Chickpea Flour has shown many desirable functional properties – particularly in the production of gluten-free formulations, which often require multiple ingredients and processing workarounds to meet texture and taste goals. This makes Artesa ideal for difficult to formulate gluten-free products such as pasta, leavened bread, flatbreads and pastries. Artesa Chickpea Flour excels in the production of extruded products like pasta and can be used in non-allergenic, egg-free formulations while maintaining mouthfeel.

As a gluten free baker, I'm always looking for ingredients that are both functional and healthy. Nutriati's Artesa flour browned faster with crispy edges while still being chewy inside. This is a perfect combination for my signature cookies.

Molly Hamilton

Nutriati is the first GF flour we've used that is completely comparable in taste and quality to standard flour. Our GF seeking customers are blown away and our standard customers can't tell the difference.

John Kreckhman, Pasta Chef




We’ve got the expertise to help you speed product development


At Nutriati, we’ve been working with Artesa Chickpea Flour in our Applications Laboratories for 2 years – which means we can offer insight into how to bring it to your formulation. Our Applications Team has experience in product development and commercialization in a broad range of foods.



Artesa is unique due to its soft texture, versatility, high-protein nutritional value and best of all: flavor. I look for tasty ingredients that are easy to use. Artesa provides both, while sneaking in a nutritious element. That’s an all-around win in my kitchen”.

Liz Kiniry, Chef

You probably wont find a more sustainable raw material than the chickpea.


Chickpeas create their own fertilizer by fixing nitrogen from the air – which means significantly lower use of chemical fertilizers and healthier soils. They also require significantly lower use of water and pesticides in production. Want more? Chickpeas have the lowest carbon footprint of any pulses. There are no GMO chickpeas – and probably never will be.



We can do 'amazing things' with Artesa, including eliminating air pockets and the ability to spread peanut butter on the bread without tearing.

C.B., Lead Product Developer

Nutriati has joined forces with PLT Health Solutions, Inc. to spearhead the global commercialization efforts for our ingredients. PLT has extensive experience in delivering ingredient solutions to food, beverage and supplement markets – and will be contacting you shortly.

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